Advanced Formula can be used on all kind of skin.

It has over the years been proven effective on all body, including face. The whole family can use it, kids as well as adults. Use on body and use on face. You can even use it under make-up. Yes! It absorbs 100% and does not wash of.

Your skin will drink it up and the more you feed your skin the sooner you will see the expected result. The potent ingredients adds the needed nutrition and hydration and your skin can now repair itself. Just settle with your choice of fragrance and your all set to place your order.

The 8 oz InfiniteAloe has three choices of fragrance:

Original fragrance, Fragrance Free or Special Edition (must scented):

  • The Original scented has only a light professional scent that is not lingering. Among all our users it is the mostpopular version.
  • The Fragrance Free version is recommended on conditions like eczema where a fragrance could burn or sting a little. This option is for you as well who prefer no added fragrance - but why not - add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and get any fragrance you want. This version has the same healing properties as the original.

We have also included the Fragrance Free version in Men's Line.

  • The Special Edition (musk scented) was originally developed for men, but it was found woman liked it as well. Use this type if you're looking for a great moisturizing cream with a strong musk scent - one that alert your senses like no other, but be aware, it's intense. If you want to try it choose Special Edition travel size when order.

The special Edition has same properties as the Original and the Fragrance Free. One 8 oz is on average a 4-6 month supply for one person (Face and hands twice a day).

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The Advanced Formula is Paraben Free

4 x 8 oz InfiniteAloe Skin Care
Advanced Formula

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