How to use InfiniteAloe, Directions Skin Care Application

This fantastic aloe cream penetrates deep into your skin and does not wash off. Soon after application it is dry to the touch and inside your skin where it will really work.

One application normally last 6-8 hours, but depending on different skin conditions you could need and benefit from a more frequent usage to get the desired result within the expected time. As your skin condition improves you can use less cream.

Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the main ingredient and the penetrating carrier. This means there is no abrasive chemicals tearing up your skin.

Advanced Formula has a choice of fragrance: Original scent, Fragrance Free or Special Edition (musk scented). We recommend Fragrance Free are used on oozing skin conditions like eczema.

Use on face and body and the whole family.


  • Use freely and in abundance on troubled areas until desired result. You can never use too much, it all absorbs.
  • Rub gently into the skin care until fully absorbed. When you have reached a desired result then use twice daily for maintenance.
  • For best results: massage in InfiniteAloe gently right after shower in the morning when your pores are still damp and you lock in that moisture as well. You can never use too much. Your skin will drink it up and InfiniteAloe does not wash off.

InfiniteAloe will deliver what it promise, it is your skin care solution. 

Skin Care absorbs deep and delivers the nutrients deep inside your skin. That is where it is really needed. Healing power to your skin!

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