Infinite Aloe Scrub

The Exfoliation!

InfiniteAloe Scrub is the first step in your Day Spa experience.

It doesn't tear your skin apart, it gently exfoliates the skin leaving it soft, supple and prepared to moisturize with InfiniteAloe Skin Care.

The exfoliator in the scrub is polyethylene beads of microscopic size that are polished and perfectly safe for your face. These beads do not dissolve and you can exfoliate practically how long you want to.

Use the Scrub and gently remove damaged and dead skin cells. The Scrub is a Face and Body Exfoliator. Gentle and safe for face, but still effective and it will polish your skin and do the perfect job, every time.

You should not leave out this step in your skin care, especially your facial skin care.

The use of Scrub

Use it on a regular basis and your skin will be clean and soft. This allows the Skin Care or the anti-aging to penetrate and repair deeper in your skin. You are guaranteed a dramatic result.

If you use the Scrub daily, you will only need a small amount. Try out the amount that will do the job and use wet. You are guaranteed a dramatic result. This is an anti-aging procedure creating a beautiful skin. Always use our moisturizer after you exfoliate. This guarantees your result.

Scrub directions

  • Place a pinch of the Scrub on dry or wet skin.
  • Moisten fingertips and massage gently but thoroughly in circular motions. Don’t use too much water, it will rinse off.
  • Work up a soapy solution still in circular motions. This is a critical step. Add more water as needed, but just wet your finger tips. Work the Scrub well.
  • Wash with warm water.
  • Towel dry and while skin is still damp lock in that moisture by applying InfiniteAloe Skin Care.

Exfoliation is an anti-aging procedure your will be proud of.

The result from InfiniteAloe Scrub

If you use the Scrub frequently, you will need to use less of it each time you exfoliate. Try out the smallest amount needed to get a full result. It will leave your skin smooth and soft, especially after you used it a few times in row.

Exfoliated skin breathes easier and can naturally eliminate its waste products more efficiently. Remember to replenish your skin with nutrition's in InfiniteAloe moisturizer or NanoVera Intensive Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Therapy after each exfoliation.

Of course, you can with benefit use your Scrub on any patch of dry skin on your body.

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