What is rosacea [Disclaimer]

Rosacea (say "roh-ZAY-sha") is a skin disease that causes redness and pimples on your nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. The redness may come and go. People sometimes call rosacea "adult acne" because it can cause outbreaks that look like acne. It can also cause burning and soreness in the eyes and eyelids.

Rosacea can be embarrassing. And if it is untreated, it can get worse. If the symptoms bother you, see your doctor and learn ways to control rosacea.

What causes rosacea?

Experts are not sure what causes rosacea. It tends to affect people who have fair skin or blush easily, and it seems to run in families.

Rosacea is not caused by alcohol abuse, as people thought in the past. But in people who have rosacea, drinking alcohol may cause symptoms to get worse (flare).

Rosacea often flares when something causes the blood vessels in the face to expand, which causes redness. Things that cause a flare-up are called triggers. Common triggers are exercise, sun and wind exposure, hot weather, stress, spicy foods, alcohol, and hot baths. Swings in temperature from hot to cold or cold to hot can also cause a flare-up of rosacea.

What are the symptoms?

  • People with rosacea may have a flushed face and pimples or bumps on or around the cheeks, nose, mouth, and forehead. Sometimes the flushing or redness can last for days.
  • Tiny red veins on the face that look like spiderwebs.
  • Burning or stinging facial skin, especially when they apply lotions or medicines. The face may feel increasingly dry, sensitive, or sunburned.
  • Dry, red, irritated eyes. The eyelids may look red and swollen, and vision may be blurry. If it is not treated, rosacea can cause serious eye problems.
  • Without treatment, some cases of rosacea can cause knobby bumps on the nose and cheeks that can multiply. This is advanced rosacea, known as rhinophyma (say "ry-no-FY-muh"). Over time, it can give the nose a swollen, waxy look. But most cases of rosacea don't progress this far.

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Rosacea Success

"My name is Carmen Bond and I have had rosacea for 15 years. Rosacea is a miserable condition. My facial skin was dry, flakey and burned, not to mention the redness and acne that was a source of constant embarrassment.

"I used an expensive prescription for many of those years and the medicine seemed to keep the rosacea at a tolerable level of control until my skin started to show signs of becoming allergic to the medicine. I was very concerned over what I would do.

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Thank you Infinite Aloe."

Carmen Bond, Las Vegas, NV, 9 Sept 2010

“I use the product for Rosacea.  It does clear up redness on the nose area and forehead.  My mom uses it for the same reason as well.”

Rick Pierce Las Vegas, NV, 21 Aug 2010

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