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InfiniteAloe Skin Care in low temperatures - Article

Posted by Editor! on Monday, December 3, 2012 Under: Infinite Aloe
We are experiencing temperatures below freezing at many places now.  This is a time when you should give your skin some extra protection with InfiniteAloe Skin Care and other natural remedies and preventions.

Why is then the winter affecting your skin?  To begin with there is less moisture in the air and if you experience wind as well it blows away moisture from the skin.

But the handling of the problem is easy:
  • Use a high-end moisturizer regularly and keep drinking plentiful of water.
  • Men should not shave just before going out in cold weather as shaving is an exfoliant that removes moisture on the surface.  
  • Woman should not exfoliate just before going out in cold weather, but if your skin is irritated already be very gentle or don’t exfoliate at all.  Both these exfoliations should be done the night before and be followed with one or two application of InfiniteAloe moisturizer.
  • Shorten your time in the shower as prolonged explosion to water robs the skin of its natural moisture.  
  • Use Skin Care after each shower and when you wash your hands (at least on affected areas).  Keep one travel size in the car and one 8 oz jar at your work space for additional applications.  Just a smallest amount on affected areas normally has great results.
InfiniteAloe is known to absorb deep into your skin and hydrate on the depth and it does not place a greasy layer on the surface.  Skin Care is dry to the touch.  Use on lips before you apply your regular lip protection.  Yes!  Use on lips!

Remember you need to protect your skin from harmful sun rays in the winter as well.  The snow even reflects the UV rays and doubles up on the UV dosage- just like water does.  InfiniteAloe has no UV protection so you need to apply it separately after the Skin Care has absorbed fully.

We have always recommended that you drink plentiful of water.  This applies to the winter months as well.  This is a life-saver and the foundation of general good health, not only for the health of your skin.

Winter weather could cause dry air indoors as well.  The buildings where you might work heats up the dry and cold outdoor air and this warmed up air is still low in moisture, but as different from cold air it has great capacity for humidity and that rob moisture out of your skin. 

A use of a humidifier in your office and your home could prevent this moisture robbing.

Keep your skin moist and body warm and enjoy the weather.  Have a great winter!

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