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Posted by Editor! on Friday, October 26, 2012 Under: Infinite Aloe

Why do we need to use a Scrub?

As the skin age the turn-over time of new healthy cells and tissues slows down.  You just don't build new skin as fast as before.  Look at a kid at the pool.  The water seems to pearl and the skin seems to naturally reject this excess water and keep itself dry.  This is good.  Why?  Well, many reasons.  Here’s a few:
  • The water is not pure and is polluted.  You don't want it on or in your skin.
  • The water contains chlorine.  Chlorine has no health benefits for your skin.  If it had you would find it in skin care products, but you don't.
  • The water has more minerals than your skin needs and these minerals tend to absorb moisture. Moisture is not added by keeping your skin wet.  Ask any nurse that washes her hands all day long.  They get dry.

The basic purpose of the skin is to protect your body, remove waste products and help regulate the temperature.  It is a very complex mechanism.  Your help and support is greatly appreciated.  How can you then help?
  • Keep your skin clean.
  • Help your skin to exfoliate as these build-ups of dead cells are the cause of harsh skin and not soft to the touch.
  • Use an exfoliator so gentle that it can be used daily.  That allows that you really clean your skin at the same time.  Use it all over; face neck, arms, upper and lower body.  Use it on feet and in-between toes.  Men can use it before they shave.  It will soften and make the shave gentle and cause less razor burns.

Make this a habit and repeat many times per week.  You will soon feel fresher than before and your skin can breathe better.  You just feel good.

Go ahead and take advantage of the deal with four 4 oz InfiniteAloe Scrubs to the price of three we have running in our Shopping cart.  This Scrub won’t wash of if you use the correct amount of water.  The plastic beads in the Scrub won’t dissolve and you can gently exfoliate for a long time.  You can even move the Scrub from one area to another after you’re done. 

Finish scrubbing your face and drag down the left over scrub to neck and upper body.  What is bad odor but the build-up of waste products?  Scrub your body real well many times per week and you will soon feel very fresh.  Soon when you hit the shower you will feel that the soap and water just flies of your soft skin.  Your skin will just stay cleaner because of the polished surface.  Order now!

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