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Exfoliation is an anti-aging procedure that produces perfect skin.

You now help your skin to remove the dead and damaged skin cells and polish the surface of your skin at the same time. Most customers use InfiniteAloe Scrub daily for a week or until desired result and one or two times per week after that.

This is a preventive care and it polishes your skin. After the exfoliation you add nutrition from InfiniteAloe. This process stimulates new healthy cells and tissues.

The turnover time of your skin slows as the skin ages and matures, but a regular use of InfiniteAloe Scrub, and InfiniteAloe Skin Care speeds this process back up and dramatically improves your skin.

This is anti-aging preventive care, a procedure that produces a perfect skin. Beauty you will be proud of. Use on face and body and use the Scrub wet in circular motions.